my cuk muncung.pls play with him while im not at home.tq

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In Love with the Word

"The man who memorized the Quran and do their content, He will put to the parents on that day, a crown which brighter than the sun"
It never ceases to intrigue us when we actually meet a hafiz. Someone who has committed the entire Qur'an to memory, word for word. Who are the memorisers of today? And what doors has the Qur'an opened for them? Fatima and Omair Barkatulla discover how this generation of memorisers set their sights high to achieve all round success.
my heart feel relaxed when reading quran, I can not sleep heart a sense of melancholy about someone.where is he? what is he healthy? My heart felt like shredded.feel resentful to the commander.. ishhh!!!! geram btui. enough. let's sleep . salam.
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