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Awapuhi/ Zingiber Zerumbet


Lempoyang biasanya tumbuh di kawasan semak samun. Ia dari jenis halia dan juga biasa dipanggil halia hutan. Pokoknya hampir menyerupai pokok bunga kantan. Ia mempunyai bunga yang cantik dan ketinggiannya lebih kurang 30-50 cm dari tanah. Sama seperti genus halia yang lain ia membiak melalui rizom dan pecahan rumpun.
Awapuhi / Zingiber Zerumbet

Species Name: Zingiber zerumbet
Hawaiian Name: ‘awapuhi, ‘awapuhi kuahiwi, ōpuni
Vernacular Name: shampoo ginger, wild ginger
Family: Zingiberaceae
Authority: (L.) Sm.
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Antara kegunaan lempoyang ialah untuk mengubati:
  • kurang selera
  • sesak nafas
  • bau badan
  • gaut

Status: Polynesian introduction
Description: Deciduous herbs with many leafy shoots 0.75-2 m tall.
Habitat: Common in disturbed habitats such as mesic shaded areas (Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Moloka‘i, Lana‘i, Maui) (Wagner et al. 1990:1623–1624).

Medicinal Uses: ‘Awapuhi is used as a compress to apply to sore spots, bruises and cuts; also for headaches, toothache, ringworm/other skin disease, achy joints/sprains, stomach-ache (it is said to have anti-inflammatory properties). Ashes from burnt leaves, combined with a mixture of ashes of ‘ohe lau li‘i (small-leaved bamboo, Schizostachyum glaucifolium) and kukui nut sap (Aleurites moluccana), and ‘awapuhi tuber sap, provided a remedy for cuts and bruised skin. Underground stems were mashed with salt and rubbed on the head to treat headaches (Abbott 1992:102; Chun 1994:61–64).

Hawaii the spicy-smelling fresh rhizomes were pounded and used as medicine for indigestion and other ailments. The rhizomes can be stored in a cool, dark place to keep for use when needed. In traditional use, the rhizome was ground in a stone mortar with a stone pestle, was mixed with a ripe Noni fruit and then used to treat severe sprains. The pulp was placed in a cloth and loosely bound around the injured area.
For a toothache or a cavity, the cooked and softened 'Awapuhi rhizome was pressed into the hollow and left for as long as was needed.
To ease a stomach ache, the ground and strained rhizome material is mixed with water and drunk. Similarly, 'Awapuhi Pake or Ginger root (Zingiber officinale) is widely cultivated and eaten, or made into a tea for indigestion as well as increased circulation of the blood and an increased sense of well-being.
An extract,"Zerumbone", from Zingiber zerumbet smith, has been found to induce apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in human liver cancer cells, in an in vitro study.  (Cancer Cell International, April 3, 2007).
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