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Our powerful super duper Brain

semlm gi tgk skyline actually nak tgk dah lambat tiket smua sold out.. citer ok sbenarnya pada permulaan cerita..jalan cerita..sbb sy dapat apa yg cuba nk disampaikan oleh director..mari kita lihat pd prespektif yg positive kita akan dapati brain cells more powerful than u think even single neurons n have a big impact on psychological n medical journals we r only use from 1-10% of the brain's intellectual potential..looking for perhaps only one or a handful of neurons to carry out a particular action, a trio of new studies says.So, if all of us have latent super-abilities, is it possible to activate them permanently, or at least periodically, without compromising normal brain functioning? Probably..and It has been predicted that more advanced neurological studies may someday discover how to allow “Regular” people to tap into the incredible latent powers of their own mind, and thereby unleashing some of the “superhuman” potential in all of kita hy gunakan 10% of the brain's intellectual potential..there have a lot of number we can explore more for stimulate the neurons cell..We can increase our human brain power,If increasing human brain power means becoming some kind of super performer, like a cartoon character just like "megamind"  we are not there yet, but we can make enhance neurogenesis and neuroplasticity by making healthy life the way..human brain power is amazing. It is impossible to describe briefly all that is going on in your brain and body, and your brain and body make it all seem so easy... i love my brain how about u??.. Alhamdulillah.. thanks to Allah for grant us very2 powerful tool... called brain.
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