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why we are here....

someone asked me why we r here? n i noticed she/he looked very sad..
dear frenzz.. we are here for a special reason love ourselves,to love others ofcoz.. and love God.yup we r here for all dis special bring joy,happiness n success. we r lucky
person in our ownway n by normal stndards..hari tak selalu is not always a bed of roses,n ppl who succeed do not hav fewer problems than those who fail..i admit it..chill whenever there is a setbacks. it is ok.. it is not da problem dat matters,it is how we perceive situations n tackle them..dat make da whole difference!! everyone is their own person and different in some way..everyone is me..
like i said.. masa tuh umpama jantung kite yg still berdenyut our heartbeat, whatever will be..will be.. que sera sera..what will be..will be.. life is precious n so r we..keep smiling dear..dont be tahzan.. bu yau ku..
life is really like a mirror..we get da best results n feedback when we smile n laugh often..''laugh and the world laughs with you" see u till then... ;) take care
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